BrainRobotics has already provided three patients with our AI-Powered EMG prosthetic hand. We are recruiting more customers to join "Project HandHold." If you want to know more about this program, please click “Project Handhold” to register.

A disable athlete wrote Chinese ​calligraphy using our prosthetic hand


In one of the most popular Chinese TV shows, "My Future", a disabled athlete got the chance to  use our smart prosthetic to write calligraphy for the first time in 27 years.

Teacher Ma regained hands after 37 years of teaching

Fuxing Ma is an elementary school teacher in rural China area. By providing him with our prosthetic hand, the BrainRobotics team helped him achieve his dream of grabbing a book from the shelf.

Twenty-two yearold girl played a piano duet with Langlang


Anlu lost her right arm in an accident, which has prevented her from playing the piano. On CCTV, using BrainRobotics’ smart prosthetic hand, Anlu achieved her dream of playing a piano duet with Langlang.

​*More demonstrations coming soon

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