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Artificial Intelligent EMG Prosthetics Hand

The surface EMG(sEMG) is collected using 8 channel bi-polar electrodes, and is then sampled with a high sampling rate after pre-processing techniques such as filtering and amplification. During training phase, users are asked to record sEMG for different gestures using the training interactive app. Collected sEMG will be uploaded to cloud and used to train a deep neural network model. After training process, the model will be sent back to the prosthetic hand. During usage, sensors will collect user real-time sEMG and model will provide control information to motor driver component based on collected data to perform corresponding gesture.

​Gestures We Can Do

​1 Tripod

The index and middle fingers will meet the thumb when the thumb is opposed. At the same time, the ring and pinky fingers are in the relaxed position. This gesture can be used to pick up, hold, and manipulate different daily objects, such as pens, keys, and coins.

​2 Power

All four fingers close together until they contact with the object, and the thumb is also driven to cover the object for additional protection. The gesture can be used to grasp the spherical or cylindrical shaped objects, such as water bottles, tennis balls, and apples.

​3 Hook

The four fingers curved to a position where the object can be hooked, when the thumb in opposed position. This gesture can be used to grip shopping bags and briefcases.

​5 Key

This gesture is similar to pinch. The index is active, and closes upon the static thumb. This gesture can be used to grip tiny objects like coins, credit cards, and thin paper.

​6 Active Index


When the middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger are all in rest state, the user can control the index finger to touch the keyboards, mobile keys, and remote keys.

​Modular Fingers

​4 Pinch

Only index finger and thumb are used in this gesture, when the index finger closes against thumb. This gesture can be used to pick up objects like coins, seasoning sauce bags, and keys.

Each finger on the prosthetics hand are structurally independent from the palm structure. Therefore, the fingers can be easily maintained and replaced without affecting the main structure of the hand.

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