Two hands, one goal.

With the introduction of our revolutionary, yet affordable, technology to the upper limb prosthetic market, now truly any transradial prosthetic user can explore all the possibilities of what they can do in the world around them.

The BrainRobotics prosthetic hand will come in two versions, a 2-channel and an 8-channel version.

  • Our 2-channel prosthetic hand is a fully-capable robotic hand that can learn from the users’ muscle pattern and execute up to 24 pre-programmed gestures. The system captures the unique EMG signals from each user and assigns them dynamically to the correct gesture.
  • Our 8-channel prosthetic hand will learn to understand each upper limb different individual’s desired gestures, with the system continually adapting and improving as the individual uses it. This process creates a more natural experience than has ever been possible before and makes the prosthetic an innate extension of the user.

Initially there will be one size that comes in both left and right options with more advanced features and a 3 year warranty.

Weight: 530g

Length: 183mm

Width: 86mm

Speed of opening: .8sec

Product Overview

Comfortably shaking another’s hand, performing household tasks, and regaining essential pieces of the human experience require giving technology in a way that people can receive it.

We have made breakthroughs in three major aspects of functional prosthetics:

  1. Functionality
  2. Usability
  3. Affordability

Leveraging these breakthroughs, BrainRobotics is building technology that will make a true and lasting difference for millions of people around the world.

  • Thumb with active adduction, abduction, flexion and extension functionalities
    • 2 degrees of freedom: horizontal 90°, vertical 50°
  • 24 available gestures
    • In total 6 micro-motors exist in the hand, 2 in the thumb for the horizontal & vertical movement, and 1 in each digit
  • Hand & wrist components shorter than the competition allowing for someone with a shorter residual limb to take advantage of the technology
  • A much more intuitive pattern recognition experience for the user and a much more seamless one as well
  • Our app can be used on both iOS and Android platforms 
  • Large capacity battery
  • Multiple gesture-controlling methods available based on different user needs

Key Features

Features of BrainRobotics Prosthetic System include:
  • Digits that are able to operate individually
  • 10 freely movable joints
  • Thumb with active adduction, abduction, flexion and extension functionalities
  • Anti-collision joint design
  • Anti-slippery fingertip design
  • Large capacity battery
  • Highly integrated wrist with 180 degrees of manual rotation
  • Multiple gesture-controlling methods available based on different user needs
  • Precise position control with advanced position sensor
  • Strength control and blocked rotor which makes it possible to increase the performance of gripping and improve battery life

How Will the 8-channel BrainRobotics Prosthetic Hand Be Different?

BrainCo, the parent company of BrainRobotics, has developed proprietary machine-learning algorithms that take into account nearly 1,000 features in the raw EEG signal to quantify different cognitive states.

  • For our pattern recognition system in the 8-ch product, we collect the EMG signals from 8 pathways and use our AI deep learning algorithms to process the signals.
  • We are able to reduce the noise of other related muscles in the forearm and realize the precise control to each finger.
  • Our technology does not require the user to remember a certain control method.
  • After a certain amount of training, all the user will need to do is simply think about the gesture they want to make & our pattern recognition system will be able to analyze the signals and give the movement order to the hand.
We use state-of-the-art AI, utilizing machine and deep learning techniques, to classify brainwave patterns and our automated calibration process produces customized results for each individual.
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