Bicheng Han

CEO. PhD, Brain Science Center, Harvard University. He has seven years of experience in medical device research and development and has obtained several patents. He has also conducted brain science research in leading research institutions in the United States and Korea.

Molei Wu

BrainRobotics Team Lead. PhD, University of Alabama. Molei leads the development of six degrees of the freedom prosthetics hand. Dr. Wu's research focuses on assistive robotics technology.

Junlin Wang

BrainRobotics Mechanical Engineer. M.S. in mechanical engineering, CMU. Currently, he works on the mechanical structural design of the robotics hand. In the past, he has participated in multiple exoskeleton projects.

Xiao Li

BrainRobotics Mechanical Engineer. M.S., Virginia Tech. Xiao has strong background and experience in designing exoskeletons with multiple degrees of freedom. Currently, he is working with Dr. Wu on the development of our fourth generation prosthetic hand.

Di Wu

BrainRobotics Algorithm Engineer. M.S., Boston University. Di is working on deep machine learning and muscle model development research.

Colin Worth

BrainRobotics Software Engineer. PhD, Boston University. Colin has ten years of working experience programming for medical devices, mobile terminals, PC terminals, and embedded system platforms.

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