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"I haven't played a computer game in six years."

“I could flex inside the prosthetic, and it would change from a finger point to a two-finger pinch, and then from a pinch to a fist,” Duval said. “I could control a computer mouse and work a keyboard for the first time in a long time.”
Date: December 2020
Prosthetist: Randy Alley at biodesigns
User Name: Capt. Carey DuVal
Instagram Handle: @nub.fist.style
Carey DuVal, a transradial amputee as a result of a VBIED attack during combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2014, made history as the first amputee to be selected during US Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection to attend the prestigious Special Forces Qualification Course (Q-Course). Captain DuVal credits his HiFi Interface as the game changer and reason he was able to perform at such an elite level.
“With the BrainRobotics’ hand I quickly noticed the grip system seemed to be more intuitive and very responsive, allowing me to switch easily and quickly between different grips,” stated Captain DuVal. “Our initial feedback is very positive, and this with only the 2-site option being tested,” stated Alley. “I expect even more encouraging results when the 8-channel system with embedded pattern recognition becomes available for us to evaluate.”
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