Artificially Intelligent EMG Prosthetic Hand

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Mechanical Design

Traditional prostheses have an integrated design that is vulnerable ​to damage. To solve this problem, our team has created a prosthetic hand with a modular mechanical design. It allows users to easily replace broken components without having to purchase an entirely new hand, which will greatly reduce maintenance costs.

Machine Learning

The BrainRobotics team has utilized multi-channel signal detection and an advanced machine learning algorithm to allow amputees to intuitively control the prosthetic hand.

BrainRobotics has already provided three patients with our prosthetic hand. Our goal is to improve 20,000 patients' lives by 2019. 

A disable athlete 

wrote Chinese calligraphy using our prosthetic hand

Twenty-two year old girl played a piano duet with Langlang


Teacher Ma 

regained hands

after 37 years of teaching



Improve Life for Amputees


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